Facing Chapter 11


The steepest, darkest paths in life’s journey often lead to the most unexpected places. Everyone faces their own Chapter 11 moment—bankruptcy, job loss, a devastating medical diagnosis, a troubled child. These moments of adversity often take us to the bottom—a dark place that can be frightening and life-altering. Janet’s story shows that in moments of loss, despair, betrayal and temptation, individuals can discover transformation, renewal and purpose.

“Janet’s book is captivating and a must-read for anyone who believes they were made for more.”

– General (Retired) Ann Dunwoody

The first female four-star general of the U.S. Armed Forces and author of A Higher Standard

"Janet’s story gives readers the imaginative experience of leadership on a successful mission.”

– Janet Greco, Ph.D.

Senior lecturer at Wharton Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania, and co-president of Transition One Associates